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GM To Introduce Army Vehicle


General Motors (GM) is currently in the stages of introducing a new fuel-cell army vehicle that will be revealed in the fall. The model’s foundation is based on GM’s new GMC Canyon/Chev Colorado mid-sized pickup.

Developed under a partnership with the United States Army Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center (TARDEC), plans for the vehicle is that it will be tested by the United States Army to entertain the possible needs it will have during power and water generation, low-end torque, as well as quiet mobility.

Charlie Freese, GM’s executive director of Global Fuel Cell Activities chimed into this partnership (as well as the new army vehicle) by stating how it is another case of just how fuel-cell propulsion can act within non-traditional roles. He added GM needs to continue to strive for such type opportunities, moving hand-in-hand with current production plans of a commercial fuel-cell system, which is estimated to hit sometime within 2020.

Under this partnership, TARDEC will gain access to consumer-driven technology as it relates to automobiles, so that it can be used for military application. They will also offer any feedback to GM on non-customary fuel-cell technology applications. In turn, the Army wants to launch user demonstrations and assessments come 2017.

Paul Rogers, TARDEC Director notes that hydrogen fuel cells that are used as a power source provide the opportunity pass on valuable capabilities to the force. He goes on to state that TARDEC expect the vehicle to operate quietly, and offer electricity generation needs, separate from what the model requires itself. Rogers also mentioned, that with the advancement of fuel-cell technology, now is a good time to look into its sustainability within an extreme military-use environment. He finishes off by noting that the vehicle also provides other attractive characteristics for military off-road and commercial use.

MSN reported that no additional information on the model was offered. However, according to Rogers, the Army has its attention currently on the vehicle’s capabilities and technology.

As it seems, the vehicle is a four-door, with bulky fenders, and a short rear that might be used as a trunk or pickup box. The front is rather muscular, with what appears to be a front air intake. Lights on the vehicle are LED, still, much of these just might be running lights, versus full headlights.

For those who may be anxiously awaiting the reveal of this model, it seems the date chosen will be October 3rd to the 5th (this year, during Association of the United States Army (AUSA) annual meeting). The place? Washington D.C., at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Stay tuned, auto enthusiasts!