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Harley Working On An EV Motorcycle


It is being reported that Harley-Davidson is currently working on about a hundred new motorcycle models, to be launched within the next decade or so. Within that number, it seems that an electric prototype is in the works. Even more interesting is that the key component of focus on the bike, believe it or not, ‘sound’.

MSN advised that as the great-grandson of William Davidson, founder of Harley-Davidson (who also happens to be the President of the Harley-Davidson museum), Bill Davidson recently relayed, gas Harleys have a signature sound that the company wants within an electric motorcycle as well. As he notes, Harley-Davidson wants the bike to sound and look like any of the other bikes offered by the brand. He went on to add that it is something quite cool, that he often says it sounds like a fighter jet.

Still, there is not specific time around when this electric bike will be introduced to the market, however as Davidson notes, the plan is progressing well. He also stated that the EV motorcycle will be released, well ‘eventually’. He also did not provide any additional information around a ‘line’ or multiple electronic bikes.

So, Davidson isn’t sure about a timeline or other models, he did note that self-driving could be beneficial to the sales for Harleys, however, not because this idea will stream into motorcycles, moreover, riding bikes will become more attractive to a newer market, as driving turns into a more automated routine.

As Davidson noted, in today’s day and age, with electronics surrounding the public constantly, riding bikes allows a person to break free from technology and enjoy nature.
And for motorcycle enthusiasts, there is nothing better than hitting that open road and feeling that air hit your face. The even better idea with electric bikes is that riders will not only be able to enjoy that feeling, but they will also know they are doing their part to help the environment and potentially save costs on fuel.

(Photo courtesy of Charged EV’s)