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Man Locked In A Cadillac For 14 Hours After Doors Lose Power

Technology is supposed to make things easier; however, sometimes that is not the case. Just ask Peter Pyros. The 75-year-old man from Cleveland recently found himself locked in his 2006 Cadillac XLR for about 14 hours when the vehicle’s electrical system caused the power in his doors’ release button to become useless.

In fact, at one point during the lock up, Pyros accepted the fact that he would most likely die in the car.

While the car uses electric switches, versus mechanical, to open doors, how did Pyros find himself in this predicament?

On August 31st, at approximately 10 a.m. in the morning, Pyros went to his garage and started his car, planning to get back in the house and change his clothes before going out for a drive. As such, he didn’t have his phone with him, nor did he tell anyone what he was up to; he never thought to.

It was at this point he tried to start his Cadillac, and nothing happened; he tried to open the doors, and nothing happened.

With the power not working, the windows didn’t roll down as well and the man tried to break the glass of the car to help, which didn’t entirely work, but he did yell for help. The heat within the garage over took him, and he stated that he passed out a number of times, in between calling for help. Thankfully, after about 14 hours, his neighbour heard him screaming, found him, and called the police.

Recently reported on Jalopnik, he was able to pop the hood when firefighters arrived; the battery was powered up in the car, which made the doors finally open again. Pyros was free and was taken to the local hospital to be checked out. Unfortunately, while there is a safety release method on this car model, it is located in the owners manual, which was not in the vehicle or accessible to Pyros.

It seems that in the end, this may turn into an issue that will presented to a judge, as Pyros has hired a lawyer to look into matters.


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