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New, Plastic-Wrapped SUV Found In Family’s Backyard


Ever wish you could pick money off a money tree in your front yard when finances got rough? Find plane tickets on the way to work when you need a vacation? Or perhaps find a new vehicle in your backyard when your old jalopy was on its last leg?

Well, the latter instance become something quite real for an Oklahoma family, when they recently discover a new (plastic-wrapped and all) car in their backyard as they were digging up a new dirt bike track.

Father and son Freddie and Cody Green love motocross and enjoy riding their bikes and ATVs in their backyard. They recently decided to make some changes to their course when Cody hopped onto his tractor and began digging. Still, the digging stopped when he felt something in the earth, rather abruptly. He continued digging a bit, figuring it was a rock, but found a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer instead. He notified his dad right away, who contacted local police.

MSN reported that officials came to the site, removed the car, and took off the doors of the vehicle to ensure there were no bodies that may have been placed inside the car, before it was buried. The police confirmed no remains in the vehicle, but a whole slew of other questions arose; most importantly, how the heck a car ended up in the ground – license plate intact and all.

The plate was run and the tags were placed back to the last owner of the property. Further digging by police confirmed that the vehicle was reported stolen by the past property owner.

Currently, police are speculating that a huge possibility around this was insurance fraud; still, no charges have been filed as an investigation is still pending. The Trailblazer does seem to be damaged, but police aren’t sure if this is due to an accident, or from the years it’s been underground, or potentially from it being removed or deposited all those years back.