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Niagara Falls Thief Stealing Ford Cars … Only To Return Them?


File this under the strange, but true, auto news stories of this week. A Ford dealership in Niagara Falls, Basil Ford, has reported an issue on their lot. It seems a thief has been stealing cars from them, only to return them back after some days.

Well, all except a recent case around a missing Taurus, which has sparked the interest of local police.

Dealership staff recently reached out to law enforcement officers about the theft of a black 2013 Ford Taurus. Reports indicate they called the station to report the theft on a Monday, despite noticing the vehicle had been missing since the Saturday. As per a police report, the dealership decided to wait before reporting the vehicle stolen as past cars that had been taken were returned within one or two days.

Still, Autoblog revealed that much unlike the other stolen cars, the missing Taurus has not been found as of yet, nor returned.

Since the dealership’s opening in 2015, this recent Taurus marks the second car that has been taken from Basil For in the last half year. The vehicle that was stolen before this one was found in a Target store parking lot, located close to the dealership.

Basil Ford’s sales manager chimed into the issuing stating this isn’t the first time something like this has happened and it seems to be a continued problem in the past months.

It’s hard to say what really is going on when it comes to this case of missing and returned cars and why anyone would take a vehicle, only to return it days later. Are they going on a test drive or a joy ride?

Until someone is caught red-handed in the act, this may remain an unsolved mystery in the town of Niagara Falls, one that makes little to no sense.