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Nissan Titan Transformed Into BBQ Lover’s Dream


BBQ lovers (and car enthusiasts) rejoice! Nissan has recently come up with probably one of the best ideas ever; transforming their Titan pickup truck into a mobile BBQ kitchen.

Anyone else think this is utter brilliance?

Referred to as the Smokin’ Titan, the vehicle began as the 2018 Nissan Titan XD, and underwent significant construction to be turned into an all-purpose mobile BBQ, with kitchen elements as well.

One of the first things that will catch anyone’s eye when it comes to the Smokin’ Titan is the pickup’s bed. Nissan has stated the food-smoking procedure can hit 600 degrees Fahrenheit, strategically located away from the cab of the truck.

Meanwhile, there are also weather-proof storage areas (for wood chips and smoker’s wood pellets) on both sides of the trailer-mounted bed, and the smoker itself has a side grill atop of the siders, which can easily be removed if need be. Once a driver is done cooking in his Titan, the entire kit can be placed away within the custom-made tonneau cover.

Autotrader reported that there are three food prep areas in total, located where a cargo box should be, as well as a stove with two burners, a Brazilian-wood cutting board, water storage system, and sink. Nissan has thought of it all!

The automaker also installed a freezer/fridge combo, mounted on sliders of course, along with a spice rack for good measure; all within where the King Cab rear seats should be.

Interested in purchasing this cool, driving BBQ? Unfortunately, it’s not for sale; however, if you want to take a look at it, the company has said that the BBQ vehicle will be on display at a variety of adventure and outdoor shows all summer long, with the official public debut happening in Indianapolis, IN, on the cusp of BBQ season, at the 2018 World Truck Show.