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Paramedic Bride Says “I Do”, Then Helps Family In A Car Crash


A Clarksville, Tennessee paramedic recently responded to an emergency call merely minutes after her nuptials. On October 3rd, Sarah Ray, still in her wedding dress, rushed to the aid of her grandparents and father who had fallen victim to a car accident, one mile away, en route to her wedding reception.

MSN reports that only minutes after saying “I do”, while still in the church somewhat celebrating with her wedding party; Ray and her new spouse (who also happens to be a paramedic), hurried to the scene of the collision as soon as they heard the news. While everyone involved only suffered minor injuries; at the time of the call, Ray only knew that her family was injured, and the car was toast. Thankfully, her grandfather was not injured at all; and her grandmother and father only suffered from bruises, caused by seat belts and air bags.

Ray noted that her grandmother thought she had ruined her big day and apologized profusely for the incident; however, as Ray states, now that everyone is okay, the incident really made for a memorable wedding event, which is one that everyone can now laugh about.

Once it was concluded that everyone was safe and sound; the bride’s grandmother took a picture of Ray in her beautiful dress, at the scene of the crash. Since, the picture has spread over social media like wildfire, and has landed on the Facebook page of the Montgomery County. To date, the photo has been shared 5,000 times, and has received over 12,000 likes. While many are calling her a hero, Ray simply states she was doing her job as a paramedic, and helping out her family. She notes that it is ‘just what we (first responders) do every day’, saying any other paramedic placed in that situation would’ve done ‘the same’.