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Pokémon Go Enthusiasts Can Hire Someone To Drive Them Around


If you haven’t heard of Nintendo’s Pokémon Go, you may just be living under a rock, or perhaps, have not hopped on to any social media this week. The reality app has taken the world by storm, having players go out into the real world to gather Pokeman (i.e. pocket monsters); enabling them to further advance in the game.

MSN advises that while many report that the reality app has helped with reducing isolation issues, as people are leaving their houses (opposed to staying indoors to play a video game, or binge on Netflix), and has helped with increased activity levels; there has been reports of traffic accidents and congestion in parking lots – as people opt to jump in their car to find these little Pokémon creatures, versus ‘walking’ it out.

One entrepreneur perhaps smelled a gold mine, and has jumped on an opportunity to piggy-back on the success of Pokémon Go.

Posting something on Craigslist, the opportunist has offered to drive those obsessed with Pokémon Go, all around town, to avoid accidents, and to ensure all of one’s attention is primarily focused on finding these digital monsters. Providing service in-and-around the area of Portland metro, the poster promises to drive by all the Gyms and PokStops in the area. Thirty dollars gets you a two-hour drive, focus on your Pokémon Go game, and beverages and snacks are included.

This is just one example of the many news stories that Pokémon Go has generated, since it was released. In addition to the road rage, congestion, and some car accidents it has cause, the app has also apparently caused a teenager to find a dead body, and has many lovers of this app getting mugged, due to the distraction of the game. There are also reports that drivers are posting signs on their vehicles, to give other drivers a heads up, around the many Pokémon Go stops, they may make.

While it may seem ridiculous that anyone would want to take a $30, two-hour ride (regardless of free snacks and drinks); thanks to the obsession with tracking and gathering all these little monsters, the idea may help to prevent any further problems on the road. Sure, it’s an obvious cash grab; but at the same time, for those who are so fascinated with the app, this could save them a lot of time, hassle, and frustration.