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Porsche Stolen 25 Years Ago Found


File this auto story under the crazy news category, but a Porsche taken from a southern Oregon movie parking lot over 25 years ago has recently been found below a rocky cliff close by to Crater Lake.

The Drive reported that the 1979 Porsche 924 was found by a local who was walking with his dog along a rural road near the woods. His pup went off trail and the two found the overturned vehicle against a tree. The Porsche was in good enough condition that it seemed as if the accident took place recently. Still, police were able to figure out that this wasn’t the case at all, as forest debris revealed the car had been there for a longer time.

According to a statement made by the sheriff, registration tags for the Porsche expired in 1991 and deeper into the investigation officials found out the car was stolen in January of that year from a Medford’s Southside Cinema’s parking lot.

While the Porsche seems intact, thanks to the temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest, and the car certainly went out in a big way: flying over a mountain road. The site of the crash has been found to be Oregon’s Abbott Prairie Road (trail). It’s a miracle the car was found as it is; according to the sheriff’s office, the area was almost impossible to see from the road.

Then there is the question of what happened to the driver, with a fall so deep and devastating.

Not sure if this is a good news/bad news scenario, but no human remains were found in or around the Porsche. The police are now working on finding the old owner and trying to remove the Porsche from its now precarious spot, as the location where it lies is steep, with rugged terrain – the removal will cause concerns around logistics and ensuring no disruption to the environment.

Officers are currently working on the best way to remove the vehicle, to ensure there is no damage to the surrounding area or Porsche.