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Self-Driving Domino Pizza Delivery Robots Set To Hit Australia Soon


Last week, Domino’s Pizza Australia revealed its newest pizza delivery person; and it does not look like the typical teenager looking for a job that offers decent pay, and free food perks. Unveiling Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU), known as the self-driving robot, the gadget was built and designed by the pizza maker, who collaborated with technology startup, Marathon Robotics.

Based on autonomous robots that were designed for live fire training, DRU weighs in at over 400 pounds, and stands a smidge under four feet. Small, but mighty, the robot is made from aluminum, steel, and a variety of other high-impact plastics. DRU has been built to speed up to 12 miles per hour, and was made to travel along sidewalks or other smooth landscape environments.

But wondering how DRU will be able to deliver your pizza so it is hot, ready, and on time? Using collision sensors and of course, Google Maps, the little robot has all the tools it needs to get from Domino’s to your house. To ensure no one gets into your pizza while DRU is en route, the robot is jacked up with IP cameras that are recording, and constantly streaming; a bit of an insurance piece for anyone thinking about hijacking DRU for pizza, and any vandalism attempts. A person ordering can simple use a mobile app to complete the pizza transaction and confirm the order, once DRU arrives at your door. Just so you are safe in knowing that Domino’s has thought of everything: the little pizza robot is programmed for small talk, to make your pizza delivering experience less awkward, during transaction time.

MSN reported that DRU is equipped with a retractable cargo feature that includes both cooling and heating areas to keep salads and beverages cold; while your pizza remains toasty warm.

For all you pizza drivers that may be concerned that Domino’s is looking to eliminate your job, there is no need to worry! Don Meij, the company’s CEO notes that the robot was developed to enhance the current deliver team, as Domino’s currently has three ways to get their pizzas to clients: traditional car, motor bike, and electric bike.