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How to Start Using Your Car to Advertise as a Source of Income

If you haven’t seen the latest versions of moving advertisements, then you may be in for a money making surprise! There’s a growing trend of free car programing available or services that provide payments for driving your own vehicle around town; so what’s the catch you ask? Usually you need to wrap your car in ads or slap a business sign on the side of your car, but if that doesn’t bother you remotely, then definitely look into getting onboard with one of these income generators.

How does this work? Usually companies seek drivers through ads posted on hiring websites such as Craigslist that depict their specifications and pay rate per mile, per day, or whatever salary package they are offering to potential new candidates. Thanks to GPS navigation systems, the miles and areas driven can be tracked by the employing company, and it makes for easy reporting data to ensure your pay is accurate.
What can you expect to earn? Typically, drivers take in roughly a few hundred dollars each month; with some companies offering a lot more for those willing to operate a pre-wrapped car. If this is the offer, you usually won’t be compensated in any other fashion your salary for driving their ad car around is getting a free all-expense paid car at your disposal.
Why is this a solid form of income? Companies realized very quickly by trying this experiment years ago that they could obtain a large amount of exposure in various cities around the globe for offering a small amount of cash in return to their drivers.
How do you become a candidate to drive? The most important prequalification is residing in a large city. The bigger your hometown is, the more exposure you’ll be able to get for the company’s ads. Some businesses are purposely seeking their ads to be seen by a certain demographic, such as senior citizens or college kids. They generally will disclose the target audience in their interviewing process, and if you rack up the miles each day, you may be an ideal candidate.
Check online to see if you can possibly be the next paid ad-car driver in your city! You may be sitting on a pile of cash each month, or like most drivers of this type, use the money from the ad driving to pay for a new car payment.


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