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Student Crashes Through Building During A Driving Test


It’s every first-time driver (and driving tester’s) worst nightmare: crashing into anything during a driving test. Alas, it most likely happens all the time.

And while crashing onto a sidewalk or potentially hitting another car isn’t something anyone wants to do, it likely is something that may happen now and again while trying to pass a driving test. But, what about crashing into something larger, like say a tree or a even building?
This is likely an anomaly.

Sadly, Motor1 reported that for a 17-year-old living in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota (Buffalo), nightmare became reality during her recent test for her driving license when she crashed into a building. The good new is that no one got seriously injured; however, the driving instructor was sent to the hospital for medical attention around minor injuries. No charges were laid on the young lady driver, but, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out she probably failed her test.

So, what happened? As per the police in the suburb of Buffalo, the young woman put the vehicle in drive, versus reverse, which prompted the car to jump forward when she hit the pedal. Might have been quite a hit on that gas pedal to break right through a brick building; however, the report really offers no other details.

While online social media users are lining up to brand the teen, perhaps they are forgetting that they too were probably young at one point and inexperienced when it comes to driving, and we have all have made some sort of mistake behind that wheel. Hitting the news the way the story has, it’s undeniable that the teen has learnt her lesson and at least it was a driving accident due to a newbie mistake, versus alcohol or drug abuse from a more experienced driver.

Above all, no one was hurt, which is certainly the silver lining to this entire ordeal.