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Study: Female Drivers Are Angrier Than Male Drivers


A recent study coming out of the UK revealed that women drivers are angrier than men drivers. Using 1,000 individuals, the study was launched by automaker Hyundai UK and rolled out by Behavioral Psychologist, Patrick Fagan, University of London.

The research used sense testing to see how sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste could bring out specific emotions from participants within differing driving situations.

Fagan noted that the females score higher than men when it comes to verbal and emotional intelligence, as well as the neuroticism personality trait. In fact, Fagan goes on to say that an evolutionary theory has suggested that early cave women had a serious sense when it came to danger around anything that potentially was a threat to them or their young within the cave, while the men were hunting and they were left alone and vulnerable. That early signal of warning is still active today, and female drivers tend to be more sensitive when it comes to negative stimuli and getting angry or frustrated faster.

The researchers discovered that there were two overall emotions when it came to driving: happiness and anger. It was revealed that females were 12 percent angrier than men; reacted angrier when beeped at or shouted at while driving (by 14 percent); and were angrier than their male counterparts when they caught up to those drivers who failed to indicate (13 percent angrier, to be exact).

On to other stats of the survey, male drivers found it easier to engage in a conversation in the car (by 29 percent), and felt that talking while driving made them better at driving (by 14 percent).

The reasons why driving made people ‘happy’ include: fifty-one percent said ‘the freedom’ it provided; nineteen percent stated ‘easy mobility’; and 10 percent stated independence. This happiness increased when the drivers stated that they: hit open roads (84 percent); driving through the country (78 percent); as well as riding along the coast. How did people express their enhanced joy? Fifty-four percent stated they sang in the car.

Speaking of, music overall seems to make driver’s happier, and less angry.

MSN reported that approximately 80 percent of the participants stated rock and pop music as their favorites in the car, with Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell as their favorite tunes to listen to in the car, at 61 and 70 percent.

This makes sense as to why Carpool Karaoke is such a hit.