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Tesla Reveals Price Tag For New All-Electric Semi-Truck


Tesla (and its CEO Elon Musk) has been all over the auto news industry as of late when it comes to their Tesla Model 3 and its production-delay woes; however, another vehicle the company will soon be releasing is making a small splash as well.

On the cusp of a release date, anyone wondering what Tesla will be setting the price tag of its new all-electric semi-truck? Well, the company recently (and subtly) revealed prices of the vehicle on its website and those who are interested better have big bank accounts. While there are two choices available for the Tesla Semi, the different between both models center around the range the vehicle can hit on a single charge.

CNET recently advised that the entry semi-truck will hit a 300-mile charge will cost buyers a whopping $150,000, meanwhile the semi-truck that has a 500-mile range has a $180,000 price tag.

Wondering if that extra $30,000 is worth it? It just maybe if those who are interested in purchasing the vehicle are planning on driving long hauls or through roads where charging points may be hard to find. Every mile counts when you have hit the open road and need an extensive driving range.

Regardless, purchasing either semi-truck will require you to leave a $20,000 deposit before you do so. Time to save those pennies, nickels, and dimes!

Still, the hefty price tag around the semi-trucks might still be worth the cost. Yearly costs around diesel for these vehicles could cost around $70,000 with operating costs totalling $180,000 annually alone. With a one-time cost of $180,000 and no diesel fees to incorporate, the Tesla’s Semi might seem like an affordable option.

The company has not yet confirmed the exact date the all-electric semi-truck will be released; however, reports indicate that it should hit the roads sometime in 2019.