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Two Calves Found Stuffed Into Honda Civic In California


This could be filed under ‘strange, but true’ auto news reports. While our furry four-legged domestic friends sometimes enjoy a car ride now and again, it is hard to believe that a farm animal would take pleasure of any sorts in riding shotgun in a vehicle. Still recently, police answered a call about a cow found trying to escape from a Honda Civic. Hard to believe, but the truth is California Highway Patrol units were surely a little shocked recently when they followed through on a report regarding a cow trying to climb out of a car left on the side of an interstate.

Well, actually, there were two cows found in the vehicle when all was said and done and if anyone is wondering, they were young calves (which can explain how two could fit into a Honda … any Honda for that matter. The Civics are spacious for their class, but the idea that one full-grown cow could fit into the car is outrageous in itself.

Regardless, the police officers located the vehicle off the I-10, on the side of a mountain in Beaumont, early on the morning of March 11th. One of the cows, had been placed (well, shoved) between the second and front-row seats in the leg area, while the second was in the trunk. The second calf was trying to climb out of the hatch, which was open, when police found the car.

MSN reports that the bad news is, no one is owning up to the two little calves and considering the ordeal they have been through, it is sad that the farm animals were abandoned in such a fashion and placed on this terrible joy ride gone wrong. Still, the good news is: they are okay and a ranch will be taking care of the two young cows while the search for their owner continues.