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Virus Scanners In The Works At BlackBerry


As technological-presence is increasing within car’s issues around cyber security are increasing as well. Still, BlackBerry is working on a solution to approach these concerns. The company is trying to develop a security option that would scan vehicles for computer viruses within. It is being reported that currently, two high-level auto manufacturers are undergoing tests on BlackBerry’s security device. Still, spokesperson for BlackBerry, Sarah McKinney, declined commenting on this.

The beauty of such a security service is that it could warn drivers of a cyber compromise and dispatch security measures to idle cars. While it could be installed into cars, it seems that the BlackBerry is planning on launching the option as a monthly subscription, reportedly asking ten dollars a month, per car. There is no additional information as to whether the car company would take on this cost or simply leave it to customers.

The issue around cybersecurity and cars is becoming more and more popular, especially when you take into account the idea of how frantically automakers trying to create and test self-driving cars. As computers will, someday, be given the autonomy to drive a car down the road on its own accord, vehicle owners will want to feel secure in knowing that the computer within has not been compromised.

MSN advised that this public concern around cybersecurity and cars popped up in 2015, when Wired published an article on two researchers who found issues in a Jeep that could cause considerable danger to drivers. As such, over one million vehicles were recalled, and Fiat Chrysler worked at a fever pitch to fix this issue. A security device that could scan over a car and avoid serious situations like this would have a considerable positive impact on technology and cars, as well as give the consumer a feeling of protection and safety.

As it seems, BlackBerry is transforming itself into more than just a cell phone company. It currently develops QNX operating systems, which is used by a plethora of car companies when it comes to infotainment options within their models. Globally, QNX can be found in over 50 million cars right now.

We truly are living in a crazy age of technology.